How to find meaning in life?

As a human, our life is a great story, sad, happy, calm, chaotic, you name it. We are full of emotions and our life is weaved by all these experiences.

Indeed, it gets overwhelming. And sometimes it might start feeling meaningless as well.

Reason can be anything, job, grief, loss, your highly aspirational goal, depression, anxiety, society or any other factor. If this all has become overbearing in your routine life, professional help is recommended.

Here, I’m talking about general aspects and things that might help you dealing with this sense of meaninglessness.

When we are young, we aspire for things that are really close to our heart but whatever maybe the reason we don’t get it or even if we get it, it doesn’t have that charm that lured us in the first place. We start questioning everything.

Sooner or later, almost everyone reaches to a point where life just feels empty and there’s a big void in your soul. Now, how do you deal with that.

I have faced this situation a lot in my life and things that really helped me to overcome this are-

  1. Having a sense of worthiness in everything I do. Like, even if I’m not a good painter, I would appreciate the efforts I have put in. Genuinely acknowledging the fact that I tried.
  2. Writing– Well, writing comes to my rescue all the time. Be it poetry, blogs, articles, story, an essay or just some self reflection while writing journal, writing has saved me many times from my own whirlwind of thoughts.
  3. Third person perspective– Would you view yourself, just like this as a third person if you knew all the qualities you have? Wouldn’t you like to appreciate yourself a little bit more? Having a perspective as another person might help you appreciate more the person you are.
  4. Taking a step back– When everything becomes overwhelming, you stop finding meaning in your life, consider taking a pause, a step back to ponder what else you should be doing. And if you don’t know then, is it alright to be so harsh on yourself !
  5. Self love– I remember, I once told someone that “I’m tired of myself” and they replied with exclamation that how much I lack self love if I’m making such remarks on my own self. It really got me thinking. Do give it a thought.
  6. Root yourself– Go out in nature, or take a long walk, embrace the solitude and quietude. Let yourself immerse in softness of mother nature. Let yourself root back to the earth where you came from.
  7. Making a list of achievements– Pat yourself on the back for all what you have done so far, it will really help you.
  8. Talk to family, people– We are social beings, we need connection in one way or other. We love helping and appreciation for our little efforts elates our soul. Do talk to your loved ones, your friends and family. Who knows, you might find your meaning there.
  9. Stop comparison– Every person is living their own timeline, so there’s no meaning in comparing your life to others. It’s simple but still a quite difficult thing to do.
  10. Gratitude comes from embracing your true self, your true nature and in absolute acceptance of your being. Talk to yourself, explain yourself, I’m doing what I can do, I accept all my mistakes, and I’m working to get on my path.
  11. In case of loss, grief– This is the most difficult situation in life. It truly devastates your soul and you become numb to all the emotions after a while. Everything becomes meaningless and you don’t know how to even carry on. But we can always remember the good times we had. It is a truth of life and acceptance comes with time. Death itself is a very sensitive topic but here I just want to tell you, keep going, you have that strength in you. Find meaning in the little things you do or you did together. Give your thoughts a purpose. And most important of all, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for the things you could not tell, could not do for them, forgive yourself for not knowing what’s coming ahead. What that is not in your control, cannot be controlled by anyone else too !!
  12. Move a bit – Changing your environment can help you a lot. If your life has become devoid of colors, maybe you need to get out of this and move. Maybe just a little walk, a little trip to nearest park, museum, temple. Whatever you like, but changing environment can change a lot.
  13. Spiritual journey– Praying, meditating, reading scriptures, and if you’re atheist, just honoring your own soul can help you a lot in realizing that we all are here momentarily so what matters is how we spend our time here, with people, with our planet, with our own self.
  14. Trees and music– Listen to good music and start taking care of a plant/tree, watch it grow and attune yourself with nature and its rhythm, connect through music, you will see different version of life unfolding in front of you.

Just know this, it is normal to feel a void in your soul sometime. Its there to remind you that you need something more to look into, to come close to your own self. And it simply means, you are not passively just living but you are aware that you are alive and present here on this beautiful planet, we call “Earth”. 🙂

I wish and hope you have great time ahead and I would be happy if this post was helpful in any manner. See ya !


  1. Vijaylakshmi

    Loved the content. Super healing.

    • Avatar photo

      I’m glad you felt so, thank you for stopping by 🙂

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