We can’t deny the fact that majority of our thoughts actually dictates our most of the life.

So keeping a track of them, with the habit of journaling helps tremendously to stay afloat and not drown in it all.

Taking a step further in search of some more clarity towards our goals and dreams, vision boards are one of the excellent tool.

Before I share how to make one, let’s discuss a few basics

What exactly is a vision board?

A Vision Board is a collection of your dreams, goals in form of their images compiled at one place, almost like a collage that keeps reminding you what you really wish for and needs to work on every time you look at it.

Is it a manifestation tool?

Yes, it can be because you can’t manifest your goals and dreams if you are not clear about it. A vision board reminds you your goals and nudges you in the direction to take further steps, actions.

Do vision boards help in mental health?

Yes, if it is not too overwhelming, and a practical one, it can help you a lot. As it prepares your mind for the goals and helps to focus your brain on what is important and needs your attention.

Steps to follow, in brief-

  • Have defined goals, including career, travel plans, finance, health, family etc.
  • Now, search images that resemble your ideal goals and places you want to visit
  • Draw a timeline with regards to your goals
  • Mention the exact number, for the weight loss/gain, financial independence etc.
  • Be clear with your priorities, mark to denote the order, important and very important task for the year
  • Use quotations, words that inspires you, motivates you.
  • Make it personalized, so that you connect to it, relate to it.

Now, let’s discuss a bit in detail-

  1. Reflect a bit on the past year and see what you really expect from the coming year

How many goals you were able to achieve in 2023 and what is exactly you are looking for in 2024 !

Is it about acing an exam? Learning a new skill? Having a consistent reading habit? Exercising? Writing ? Cultivating different hobbies?

Travel? Buying a new house, or even your favorite shoes, a set of books? …….etc.

List all your goals down on a piece of paper. Emphasis on top 5 in your priority while rest in sub-goals follow.

Now, search for the relevant images on Pinterest, or Google.

2. Select pictures and set timelines

Select pictures of your goal, set a timeline when you want to complete a particular task till a particular time of the year etc.

While selecting the pictures, go with the ones that really speaks to you.

Stick the pictures together and here you have the foundation of your vision board.

3. Make it visually interesting and appealing

Use combination of colors, fonts, stickers, inspiring words, different images, quotes, stuff that you most connect with. You can decorate it with whatever you like.

Be creative, after all it is yours to celebrate 🙂

Make sure, it is visible to you in your daily life so that it can remind you what you ought to do. Stick it on your room wall and if you wish nobody sees it, make a digital one and glance through it every day on your device (phone/iPad/laptop etc.)

4. Mention career, financial and spiritual goals

What are you expecting in your career? Promotion, new college, new job, a side-hustle? Mention that clearly and if possible find a relevant picture to it, as I mentioned in point 2, add a timeline.

Be clear with your financial goals as well, how much you wish to earn, practical ways of saving, if you’re a student and not earning, what can you do to be financially independent, is there something you wish to buy, mention that.

Spiritual goals include what you should do to keep your mental health in check, meditation, journaling, spending time with family and friends. Connecting to nature, should you start gardening, spend time with plants, positive affirmation, positive self-talk etc.

5. Be optimistic and realistic

Make your vision board for yourself and not just blindly imitate others. Because only you know what works for you.

Your Vision Board should be realistic, as something extremely lofty can overwhelm easily.

After all even big dreams require simple yet consistent efforts. So, keep going with a bigger dream in heart but initiate first with simple actions and positive spirit. Eventually you will find yourself achieving the impossible.

Hope this helped you. Now, without any further delay, do start creating your Vision Board, it can be digital, it can be on a poster board. It’s all up to your choice.

Don’t fret on perfectionism. Just a happy face and calm mind would do 🙂

Wishing you abundance, blessings and prosperity in coming year !

Let me know your experience of making a vision board. Wishing you lots of inspiration.

Happy 2024

(Image-Designed by Freepik)