Pause and. . .

Listen closely !

What do you hear? Is it a bird? T.V. , radio maybe !

Is it the distant sound of a train, or somebody talking on phone ! Or the sound of breeze, a vehicle passing by, or just random little noises?

When you pay attention, you will notice how different kinds of sound surround us. And how effortlessly our mind ignores them and chooses what’s important.

But sometimes, the noises become too loud, both within, and in the outside world.

In this blog post, I simply want to remind you, that choosing voluntarily a moment to sit with all the noises and allowing them to be can be really helpful.

At first, when you switch off all the electronic devices, and take a little break from everything , this strange silence might scare you.

Sitting alone with yourself, the voice in your head might be a bit too overwhelming, but just sitting there, by letting it talk, without resisting can help you face yourself.

Listen, what your mind is saying, where your attention goes, what are the things that seems persistent to you.

Allow an hour or so of doing nothing, no hustle, no tasks. Just you and your silence. You can say it’s meditation, as meditation means “dhyana” which simply means to pay attention.

So, choose a time of day. Relax, look at the sky, listen to all the sounds around you. No judgement, no over analyzing, just let them be. Observe how life happens, how the earth is breathing.

With practice, you will learn to sit with yourself without being overly anxious.

It can boost your mental strength as acceptance helps you realize, what circumstances are in your control and what are not.

Also who knows, you might get new ideas, you might discover solution to your problems as introspection comes easy when your are calm. And above all, the understanding of self will change your perception of yourself and the world.

The peace within manifests peace in your outside world too.

There’s no doubt it’ll be difficult at the beginning, to just sit idle.

Your mind will convince you, you are wasting time but with consistency, you will understand how valuable this is, choosing to sit still and let the world talk.

Sharing my haiku

ocean waves
watching the thoughts
come and go