Poems, I believe, are an extra-ordinary moment in our ordinary lives. And writing one makes you feel so connected to yourself and your surrounding.

Few days ago while reading a book in our little garden, I saw at some distance there was a dove, trying to find twigs for the nest as the breeding season is approaching.

For a moment, I found myself so lost in their world when I saw this pair of dove, flapping its wing, looking for twigs and flying back and forth to the nearby tree.

It made me wonder, how the dove parents are working for their future generation. And how utterly beautiful, magical moment is this that somehow I have become part of it.

So, I just scribbled a few words in my notebook-

sitting under
the warmth of sun
a pair of dove
picking twigs

It’s just a little poem, but it brings me back to the moment when I was reading the book and witnessing the magic of nature around me.

I feel that is how inspiration works, you observe the things around you, and you give words to it.

It’s not necessary to write a perfect poem then and there, but you can always revise it later. Sometime even a line has the potential to create a masterpiece.

So, my simple strategy to write a poem is-

  1. Calm my mind and look around
  2. Always keeping a notebook or notes app handy, in case if some inspiration strikes
  3. Paying attention to my emotions
  4. Reading a lot
  5. Listening to people, nature and my own thoughts with open mind
  6. And if I can’t write, I let the poems come naturally to me
  7. I revise a lot of old drafts, old poems
  8. Always jot down the words that come to my mind for future reference

As an avid reader I always look up to the good writing and try to emulate if I like some style, not copying but understanding the structure.

Inspiration will come to you, and who knows you might surprise yourself.

leafless pine
some poems
are like that too
just before
they turn green

Give yourself time and do not stare at that blank page now 😀

If you have some interesting journey of writing, share with me in comments.

Till then, I wish you inspiration, happy writing !!