How to get out of a writing slump?

As a writer you must have gone through the most dreadful stage of a writer’s life, the “writer’s block” !

It happens with the best of us. Even though, I’m still quite hesitant calling myself a writer yet, in terms of professional writing. But I know how this term is so often used in the literary world.

Well, I can share few tips that might help you in overcoming your writer’s block as these have helped me many times.

1. Going with the flow

First of all, understanding this that if there’s no inspiration at all to write, that is okay and normal. Human mind process lot of thoughts in a fraction of second and sometimes we do get overwhelmed and burdened by our own thoughts. So, taking a break from time to time is an absolute necessity.

2. Reading, reading and reading

What can be the best way to fight this battle of words, when you’re lost and puzzled than reading work of some other warriors like you. Somebody who overcame this war with words by writing and producing a piece of art, novel, essay or poetry maybe.

Reading provides you with new perspective and inspiration. It helps you attune your thoughts or at least helps you find peace that you can wait for a while for your writing. And let it come to you naturally.

3. A blank page

For a writer or an artist, the stare of blank page is an absolute sight of terror. But again, it gives you the strength to keep going. Before starting something, you wonder how it would turn out and sometimes, your imagination takes you to the places where you have never been.

Look at the blank page and then look at the wall in front of you, or the plant on your desk, the ivy on the wall. Use one word or an image, anything, for example-


Now, write as many lines on this subject as you used to do in school essays. Do not worry about grammar, sentences or any other perfection, just keep on writing. After that leave it there. And come back to it after let’s say, thirty minutes, and read it.

You will find at least something useful in that, and if not, well, you were able to come out of the slump at least.

4. Let the critic in you breath

There’s one more exercise you can do, you can always revisit your own previous work. Reading with fresh perspective can change a lot.

A piece that has been rejected or you never sent or even it’s published, you can always revise your own work and get inspiration from that. It will also allow you to evolve and improve more.

See, if you were the editor would you accept it. What more can be changed, what more can be added or removed ! But remember one thing, do not be harsh on yourself.

5. Music, yes !

Some people find good music as their muse for art. May be you can listen some good music and get out in the fresh air with pen and paper. Who knows what might come to you !

6. Breaks but not the absolute breaks

Breaks are necessary but going weeks without any work done can get you in serious slump. When you are out of practice, the chances of organically you writing some good stuff reduces.

So, from time to time, write, even two sentences, a little haiku poem maybe, but continue to write. Do not fall in the trap of perfection but enjoy the journey and let it take you on a ride.

Hope the above tips help you finding your muse. Till then happy writing and I wish you inspiration and best wishes 🙂


  1. Ritu Singh

    All the best poetess for this amazing poetry start-up.

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      Thank you so very much 🙂

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