How to write a poem, write along with me, step by step !

On this blog, I have shared a few writing tips post so I thought now when you have some basics covered why not we write a poem together.

It’s going to be a very simple write without much complexity. But I truly believe you will enjoy the process.

Now, grab your pen and notebook or maybe your laptop or open the notes app, whatever you’re comfortable with to write.

Let’s begin πŸ™‚

Think of an image, look around and see what catches your attention and write the first words that come in your mind.

You can take your time. Notice what comes in your mind and jot the words down.

Here are my words

Now, think and understand the feeling these words evoke in your mind, it can be some distant memory, some vague picture of some thought. Try to craft a line around this.

Here’s what I wrote –

Now, we have a little structure but this is not the final draft, what if we could add more images to it and some more emotions as well.

I hope you are writing along with me. Look at your poem, is there something missing or is there something you wish to add?

Here’s my poem-

Now, at this stage we can edit this poem a bit more to make it perfect in our own style. You can either switch some words around or you can replace some words. You should read out loud if you are stuck in the process.

Remember, you can always edit your poems again if you feel like. This post is about very basic writing, I have not introduced any literary devices. It’s just how to continue and keep on writing!

May be in some other post, we will write with some techniques. For now, this is just a basic write.

So, for now this is my final poem-

I hope you have also completed your poem, I tried revising my poem three to four times, and I might revise it again after some days or months.

All I wanted to say is, always begin with simple drafts and then keep on writing. Do not be discouraged if at first the ideas fail or you feel helpless with your poem or writing. Consistency is the key. And you’re doing great, so be proud of yourself.

I would be happy if you share your poem with me !

Also, do share your process of writing as it is always interesting to know fellow writer’s writing process and their writing journey. Share what you think about this post and did you enjoy this little exercise of writing along with me !

Till then, I wish you inspiration. Happy writing πŸ™‚


  1. Namita Choudhary

    Thank you mam, I’ll try writing a poem for sure!
    I feel so good to see you here inspiring many people out there!πŸŽ‰
    You’re the BEST<3

    • Avatar photo

      Aw, thank you so much dear !
      And I would be really happy and proud to read your work, wishing you lots of inspiration πŸ˜€πŸ₯°

  2. akshi

    Well, I found it really helpful and encouraging especially when it has been days since I wrote something substantial. Glance over the entire basics of writing made my thoughts clearer to be penned. Thanks a lot for sharing such a write up.

    • Avatar photo

      Wow, this is exactly the purpose of this post is and I’m truly happy and honored.
      Yes, please do write, the world is eagerly waiting for your talent to shine πŸ™

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